• Brent Campbell

Colbert Attacks Miracle Whip – Miracle Whip Returns Fire

The benefit of popular cultural awareness & responsiveness is tough to quantify. But here’s what one of the best examples of how it can work in your favour.

Miracle Whip started with this TV commercial… part of the “Don’t be so mayo” campaign.

Then, Stephen Colbert attacked Miracle Whip.

"Don’t be so mayo? As Americans, we hold mayo near and dear to our hearts, because that’s where it tends to clot. This smear campaign has miracle whipped me into a frenzy. Well I’ve had it with these mayo nay-sayers. Tonight I’m going to prove once and for all that mayo is the illest condiment in the hiz-ouse. Let’s pop open a jar of miracle whip-ass."

Colbert aired his own commercial for mayonnaise that’s a bit more”realistic” in which the hipsters Twitter, do bong hits out of refashioned mayonnaise jars, and do upside-down keg stands of mayo: “When life give you mayo, make mayo-hem.”

Immediately, Miracle Whip responded. First with a letter.

And then they followed through on their promise. “We’re raising Hell,man.” Miracle Whip bought time during every ad break on Colbert’s show to remind him just how “massively dope” Miracle Whip is.

They aired three new spots on his show, dissing Colbert.

Colbert facetiously admitted defeat on his show. “Miracle Whip, I know when I’ve been bested,” he said. “Thank you for buying ad time on my show. Because let’s face it, revenue is down throughout the television industry, and I could certainly use the money. To buy more delicious mayonnaise!”

So what did they get from not shying away from their problems? Exposure. And learning for their next campaign.

Popular cultural awareness & responsiveness was key to all of this. New marketing is not always the classic interruption model. Involve brands in the story, add to popular culture, supercharge a message so the mindset is “I have to tell someone”, create a culture of revolution / customer obsession, discuss failure, invite perspective, and turn crisis into opportunity.

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