Strategist, innovator, creator.

From uncovering and defining unmet needs, to ideation, prototyping, UX research, and concept validation, I’m an expert in defining the path to product-market fit and bringing together the right people to make a project successful.
A seasoned product leader who can guide teams from insight to execution
Trained in product management and design thinking for product innovation, I help product designers, managers, and analysts navigate the complex product development lifecycle, ensuring the delivery of better, more desirable products.
And inspire, motivate, and build enthusiasm 
With over ten years in leadership positions and direct experience in multiple aspects of product, I can help nurture talent in product management, UX design, and analytics, while translating executive vision into actionable plans. 
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Example: Creating a new product after identifying unmet customer needs
After identifying and prioritizing important customer needs based on the 'jobs-to-be-done' framework, the project was to create a visual interface that leveraged a unique algorithm to display analytics and insights based on conversational data. 

Teams involved: R&D, machine learning, data analytics, product management, product design, development, QA. 
Example: Improving an existing chat SDK
With clear opportunities for improvement, I created a project to overhaul a webchat SDK so it could be a desirable and sticky add-on product for customers.  

The project involved customer and competitive research, ideation, preparing detailed requirements, design templates, an SDK design guide for customer designers, and developer portal for customer developers. 

Teams involved: Product management, product design, development, QA, solution architecture, marketing. 
Experimental design research expertise
I've designed and run pretty much every type of customer and user research out there. From purely exploratory interviews and focus groups, to feature and idea testing, usability testing, business model and value prop testing, and more, using both qualitative and quantitative methods. 
Custom Research
Unmet Need Heatmapping
UX & Usability Testing
Feature Appeal Testing
Example: Solving an unmet need at home
A personal passion of mine is building out my smart home. With current products in market lacking functionality, I conceptualized an app, built out the UX, designed the UI, set all the xCode constraints, and worked with a developer familiar with Apple's HomeKit framework to launch Sunrise & Shine – the only wake-up sunrise simulator for the Apple Home app.